Franchise partnership



Procedure for Affiliated Franchise in 7 Steps


1. Visit Homepage or Inquiry Call

2. Web Conference with CEO of PraiseLoan

3. Understand the comprehensive system of PraiseLoan

4. Be well-informed of the contents related to affiliated franchise

5. Do business And Get Educated for a secured loan

6. Experience practical business in head office

7. Establish affiliated franchise


Procedure for Affiliated Franchise in 7 Steps


Point1. It’s free to choose office size and location

            (Since sales is the main work, non-office business is possible)

Point2. Headquarter Office has more than 30 years know-how related to loan

Point3. Develop trust in customers by legal management

Point4. Low rate of interest and safe credit line for loan


PraiseLoan Saga


Praise loan and praise forever

Chanho PraiseLoan, Stand head and shoulders above the others

Second to none, Hit&Cash

Praise Loan and praise forever



First Korean Affliliate Franchise Businessman or Businesswoman


Recruit revolutionary and proactive business partner for niche market


Franchise Benefits


Franchises can share real estate mortgage loan service strategies offered by head office. Franchises can also advertise using the company name and brand name that represent the reputation of the head office. Moreover, as we offer the education program to manage business, franchises can be performed without previous experience in the business.


Franchise advantages

We reduce the risk of failure doing business with the know-how of managing the franchise. It is expected to have a greater effect than any other personal business because we support sales and advertisement. Franchises have less of a burden for expenses as they are provided with products and supplies by the head office.

According to the change in the market and consumer behavior, the head office provides the franchise with 1) Improvement of loans 2) New custom solution loans. The head office helps franchises to cope actively with the changing market from this.


Franchise management

The franchise can concentrate on revenue generation since the head office handles most of the business for such as business management and labor management. As the head office works with many experts in law and business management, the franchise can also be provided assistance from these experts.