Sharing Management



Since its very first day of establishment, PraiseLoan has been continually practicing ‘Sharing Management’ to return the profits to customers and to provide employees the chance for success.


  • Activities of the ‘PraiseWell’ foundation are for taking social responsibility.
  • Volunteer work / Social Donations / Investing on social enterprises.
  • Providing job opportunities and the scholarships that provide work experience to housewives, students, pregnant women and also the physically challenged.
  • Sharing the profits of the company through the Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Our company prefers to be a lifetime work place (pursuing the ‘No one gets fired’ policy). There are off-line and on-line employees and the welfare and services are ready for all of them. All employees are qualified to be an investor of PraiseLoan through the Employee Stock Ownership Plan. PraiseLoan, which is building a subsidiary company, is training all employees to be suitable for C.E.O.s for franchise branches, and that is a strong management philosophy of C.E.O Edison. Outside of the company, Praiseloan strives to follow the welfare system of Canada and apply it to Korea by establishing the charity foundation, PraiseWell. Relevant social contributing activities are ongoing.