How to Use

Use Procedure Guideline


1. Loan requisition (Request on Website or inquiry call)

2. Loan counseling (Consultation call on your free time after confirmation of receipt)

3. Judgment on loan (Appraise real estate mortgage regardless of individual DTI or credit condition)

4. Check out loan result and guide for required documents(Loan amount, condition of loan, notification of necessary documents)

5. Signature of one’s name

6. Transfer loan amount

7. Lend Completion


Required Documents for Loan


1. A registration certificate

2. Authentication certificate of one’s seal (2 copies)

3. Copy of resident registration

4. An abstract of resident registration

5. One’s legal or registered seal

6. Identification card


*Required documents could be different depending on what financial instruments one wants.

e.g.) Document for transfer household read could be required for resident real estate