The employee benefit package of Praiseloan


1. IT(Information Technology) Culture

    1) Skype

    2) Paperless Office

    3) Corporation’s Own Groupware

2. Telecommuting

3. English as an Official Language in the Office

4. Scholarship for Employees(Commissioned Education of domestic and foreign university for the entire employees)

5. Canadian Well-Developed Management method based on Christian Culture

    1) Christian Culture(Fairness, Individualism, Efficient Corporation Management)

    2) Business Ethics

    3) Credit Culture

        (1) Transparent Cash Flow

        (2) Cashless Office

        (3) Real Name Account and Credit Check Culture

    4) Well established logic culture in the office without abusive language

    5) MBA degree Holder/ Executive System for holders with High scores on GMAT

6. Business Plan for Affiliated Franchise[Establishment of Franchise of Praiseloan head office]

7. Franchise Management for the entire employees( Welfare System for the entire Praiseloan employees)

    1) Guarantee the opportunity for own business

    2) Offer the chance to acquire financial skill

8. Employee Stock Ownership Plan

    1) Make all employees invest

    2) Inspiration of high devotion to the company[Improve owner spirit for employees

9. Social Welfare Policy

    1)Public Services using Key Tag


We want Praiseloan to be the best place to work. We offer employees the full treatment and employee benefits that are the best in our industry in order to raise employee morale.

We provide full-timer insurance policy (National pension, Employment insurance, Occupational health insurance, Health insurance), a five-day workweek, permission to telecommute depending on the task, annual/monthly vacation, regular breaks, incentives, bonus pay on holidays, and off-days for family events.


Great Work Place

Trust Index

Trust Index: Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Price, Fun

Employee Section: Trust, self-esteem, fun in company

Corporate culture Section: Organization types, benefit package, reward system, vacation policy, etc.

Employee reward system, human centered relationship, special opportunity to improve professional competencies.